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How Much Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab Cost in Florida?

While cost is often a limitation for many, it doesn’t have to hold you back from getting help. Additionally, there are other factors to consider – read our guide to choosing the right rehab to learn more. Based on the recommendation of your assessment (inpatient or outpatient), start using our database to find rehab centers near you, or in the location of your choosing. Once you develop a list of potential rehabs, you will need to follow up with your top choices to determine whether they are in your network. Another consideration is the impact of substance abuse on your health and well-being.

Arizona ranks 31st in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation services (non-hospital). A good 40% of all drugs coming into the U.S. cross the Mexico-Arizona border. Many rehab centers work with the individual to ensure they receive assistance. Our alcohol and drug treatment centers offer reasonably priced programs run by highly trained medical experts who want to see their patients improve. Outpatient alcohol rehab costs can average from $1,000 to $10,000 for a 90-day program, while inpatient treatment programs can range from $6,000 to $80,000 for a 30-day program. Luxury or executive rehab facilities can cost even more, with some programs charging $100,000 or more monthly.

How Much Does a Florida Drug Rehab Cost?

However, the cost can be higher or lower depending on the program’s location, services provided, and other factors. However, the extent of coverage can vary according to many factors, including the type of treatments received. ”, calling the facility you’re interested in going to and speaking with their team can give you a more clear idea of what rehab costs at that location. In the case of an alcohol use disorder, you’ll need to check the details of your policy closely. Many insurance providers only cover up to 30 days in residential rehab.

The cheapest rehab centers are state run facilities but the trade off is longer wait times and limited treatment programs compared to privately owned facilities. For many people dealing with an addiction, the one thing that may stop them from starting on the path to recovery is the cost of rehab. However, most might not know that rehab costs differ based on the type of addiction treatment and the facility providing it. Some addiction treatment programs are free, while others cost thousands of dollars a day. No matter what your budget is, there will be a program and a treatment center available to help you get better. Washington is the 14th cheapest state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment services (non-hospital).

The Opportunities for Growth Await at Miracles Recovery

A whopping 91.5% of Americans had health insurance in 2018 for various medical needs. However, some insurers are up to their old tricks, making even more profits by denying basic care for people who suffer from substance use disorders and addiction. High deductibles and no out-of-network benefits are becoming the norm with many plans.

How much does alcohol abuse cost the US economy each year?

Economic Stats on Substance Use: A Broad Overview

The U.S. Surgeon General reported that the yearly economic impact for alcohol misuse is $249 billion. For illicit drug use, it's $193 billion.

Aftercare programs can include support groups, case management, telemedicine, and relapse prevention programs. Its legal status makes it popular and widely available for individuals to consume. Alcohol abuse and misuse is responsible for health conditions like cirrhosis and heart problems and increases the risk for dangers like sober house sexual assault and accidental injury. Join the thousands of people that have called a treatment provider for rehab information. They don’t include the personal costs on relationships and a meaningful life. If you are serious about quitting drugs or alcohol, there is help available no matter what your financial situation.


This type of care is typically provided at a nice hotel facility that includes luxury rooms and three meals a day. Idaho is the cheapest state for residential rehabilitation (non-hospital). Idaho is among the top 10 cheapest states for outpatient drug rehabilitation services. Idaho also ranks 4th in the abuse of prescription opioid painkillers for non-medical usage. The statistics in the preceding table were found by averaging the sum of the cheapest cost of treatment and the most expensive cost. The cost of drug rehabilitation varies greatly between services offered, length of stay, and the quality of the facility itself.

We offer a variety of evidence-based therapies that are proven effective at treating addiction We also provide support and guidance for families and loved ones. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call us today to learn more about our program. Remember, you may be eligible for government-run or non-profit programs, which may have significantly lower costs.

Cost of Treatment per Episode

It is, after all, a business that requires the proper licenses to run. A center will need to obtain a behavioral health license that will include a fee and potential application costs. In order to obtain these licenses, the facility must have policies and procedures in place and comply with its specific state’s code.

how much does addiction rehab cost

Vermont ties in 34th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment (non-hospital). Vermont is one of the top 10 cheapest states for outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment. Substance abuse of opiates makes up more than half of all treated individual substance use disorders in Vermont.

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