NGFL #4: Clon8

8 Μαρ 2018


CLON8 is a unique brand with a distinct identity, known for its intricate patterning techniques, re-worked fabrics, along with its strong shapes and lines; organic, natural influences are always present. With their mix of creative cutting, design and texture, CLON8’s distinctive black clothes sum up effortless expression and self-confidence while projecting a certain minimalist functionality. The adjustable garments with their draping and layering features, patterns and intricate details are sensual and evocative while at the same time being contemporary, minimalist and striking. 


CLON8’s name originates from the Ancient Greek word, κλών, meaning “twig”.In Numerology, 8 represents balance; the number is both spiritual and materialistic in equal measures. When applied to art or fashion, balance is the harmony that exists between design and proportion. Above all else, 8 is a representation of infinity. 

CLON8 represents a natural system of growth, whereby one design leads to another through the miraculous processes of creativity and balance. A process such as this has infinite possibilities. Therefore, CLON8 is endless.


The inspiration behind CLON8 is Angelika Chilikova. She was born in Kazakhstan – a land situated in central Asia, with vast steppes and sweeping views, a place of traditions and folk tales. Stemming from a long line of tailors and craftspeople, she is an intuitive and passionate designer.

Raised in Greece – a country famous for its philosophy, art and drama – Angelika was immersed in its deep-thinking and religious culture, its rocky landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Now living and designing in London, Angelika Chilikova is engulfed in the hubbub of a busy capital city, inspired by its pace and energy, yet able to perceive the simple within the complex, the striking within the mundane.


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